BBA Aviation


“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
– Leonardo DaVinci

What is BBA Aviation?

BBA (Aviation) deals with the study of airlines, airports and business related to the aerospace industry. Candidates pursuing aviation management course can expose their talents in the aerospace industry, where they can work for various roles in the airport and related Industries. This course covers the basic topics of aviation. This course involves the activity of planning, designing, operating and maintaining aircraft.

BBA (Aviation)  course provides the students with the necessary information to oversee the departments of airlines and airports. There is a vast scope for aviation management as it is witnessing new heights every day. India has the third-largest civil aviation market in the world. Ground handling, fleet management, ticketing, international tourism board, hospitality and in-flight services are included in aviation management.

The career in aviation management is lucrative as the career brings stupendous growth and countless opportunities outside India also.

Why Study BBA in Aviation?

Studying BBA (Aviation)  is one of the fields that has immense potential when it comes to Job opportunities.. It has huge prospects and is one of the main reasons why one should take up BBA in Aviation.

BBA( Aviation) is designed for students who want to pursue a career in aviation. Bachelor in Business Administration in Aviation is a business management course which will help the student to work in aviation industry. Aviation provides connection with all the countries of the world and helps in tourism.

This undergraduate-level course that gives an in-depth knowledge of air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, airport planning, marketing, etc. … Factors like financial security, dynamism, travel make the course a great option for aviation enthusiasts.

The aviation and aerospace industries offer multiple high demand career paths for aviation management. Those who have excellent punctuality and honesty are preferred for the aviation industry..

The career options after completing an aviation management course are huge and diverse in the aviation sector. Candidates acquire the abilities that would assist them in coming up with the ever-evolving industry. All national and international airlines hire aviation management graduates. They also have the privilege to travel all around the world and meet celebrities.

Common skills gained from an BBA Aviation degree include:

  • Punctuality
  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Professional Communication
  • Customer Centric approach
  • Ground Handling
  • Hospitality 

Course Details: Title, Duration and Eligibility

BBA 3 years  A pass in +2 with  (OR) Equivalent

Students Strength:


I Year II Year III Year
 BBA  –  23


Faculty Details

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  • Our department has conducted Intramural competition on 13.03.2020.




  • Industrial visit by Aviation Students at Madurai Airport


      BBA aviation Students went on tour.