Copier Point

Photocopying is widely used in the business, education, and government sectors. While there have been predictions that photocopiers will eventually become obsolete as information workers increase their use of digital document creation, storage and distribution, and rely less on distributing actual pieces of paper, as of 2015, photocopiers continue to be widely used. During the 1980s, a convergence began in some high-end machines towards what came to be called a multi-function printer: a device that combined the roles of a photocopier, a fax machine, a scanner, and a computer network-connected printer. Low-end machines that can copy and print in color have increasingly dominated the home-office market as their prices fell steadily during the 1990s. High-end color photocopiers capable of handling heavy duty cycles and large-format printing remain a costly option found primarily in print and design shops.

MMC has a Copier point to provide the facility of photocopying personal and study related materials for the students. This will benefit them economically since we plan to have it not to make a profit but make it easy and handy for the students while they are within the campus.