Life @MMC

MMC Campus spread across 28 acres of land with a greenish scrub semi-jungles and trees provides an enchanting ecological experience conducive for good health and fresh studies. The campus has around 20 academic programmes spreading through 13 Academic Departments, 50 plus Classrooms, 2 Seminar Halls, 7 Laboratories, Instrumentation Facilities, Library, three Cafeterias, Lounge for men and women students, Rainwater harvesting system, International Guest rooms, sports facilities with two football court, one each Volleyball and Basketball courts, 2 hostels or of residences for both boys and girls and partial residential facilities for staff. The campus has uninterrupted water and power supply across the different spectrums.

St. Mary’s and St. Chavara Hostels

These two residential facilities are designed both for the boys and girls who reside in the campus. There almost 500 students stay in the campus and does their studies. Majority of the students those who are residential come from different states other than Tamil Nadu. These halls of residences manifest the diversity of the campus with respect to their languages, dress code, food pattern and varied other cultural traits.

Hostel Day Activities

Residential students have their own special celebrations and cultural nights. They are groomed into all these diversities through these extra-curricular activities.