MMC Incubation center

Dear Students, Alumni and Teachers,

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to chart their course in the dynamic world of startups and innovation. The MMC Incubation Center serves as a launchpad for your entrepreneurial dreams, providing a nurturing environment designed to cultivate and empower your ideas into successful ventures.

Mary Matha College foster an ecosystem that values creativity, innovation, and determination. Our primary goal is to support you in transforming your innovative concepts into viable businesses. We offer a range of resources, mentorship programs, access to networks, funding opportunities, and collaborative spaces that aim to guide and nurture your entrepreneurial journey.

Our experienced mentors and advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to the table, ready to assist and guide you at every step. Whether you’re at the inception stage or have a fully-fledged business plan, our resources and support are tailored to meet your specific needs.

The College firmly believes in your potential to drive change and create impact through entrepreneurship. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to help turn your vision into reality.

Explore our incubation programs, workshops, networking events, and funding opportunities. Join us in this exciting journey of innovation, learning, and growth.

Take the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial aspirations. Embrace the opportunities waiting for you at the  MMC Incubation Center. Together, let’s shape the future of entrepreneurship.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Joshy P. CMI
Chairman, Incubation Advisory Committee


Incubation Advisory Committee 

The Office of the Controller of Examinations and the Examination Cell is working under a common umbrella to hold the examination activities of the college. As we begin this year’s exam process I request your wholehearted support and assistance in all matters related to examinations.

Incubation Process

1. Admission

Potential incubates shall express their interest in the prescribed application form with the business plan. The admission of incubates shall be at the discretion of Incubation Advisory Committee based on the merit of the application.

2.Product/service innovation

The center shall facilitate the ideation, concept development, product or service development, market analysis and feasibility study to the incubates with the support of mentors.

3.Pre-market stage

The budding entrepreneurs shall be assisted with the creation of prototypes, product/service enhancement and test marketing for an effective launch of their business.


Expert guidance shall be provided for funding, upscaling and commercialization.

5.Tenure of incubation

The incubates are eligible for a term of three years of incubation at MMC Incubation Center with two extensions of six months each at the discretion of the Incubation Advisory Committee.


The expert mentors shall review the progress of the incubatees to streamline the process and ensure the success of the ventures.


The incubatees shall exit from the center on successful start-up or completion of tenure of incubation.

Incubation Policy :

  1. MMC Incubation Policy 
  2. Application Form 

Note : Send duly  filled application form to “Incubation center, Mary  Matha College of Arts & Science, Periyakulam, Theni, Tamilnadu – 625604” Or mail the scanned copy to “”

Programs Conducted  :

  1. One Day Seminar on Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Benefit of Incubation for Innovators – 20.09.2023

IAC Meetings  :

  1. Meeting held on 06 October 2023
  2. Meeting held on 20 September 2023
  3. Meeting held on 05 August 2023


MMC Incubation Advisory Committee (IAC) Members

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K. G. Chandhini

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