Policy on Promotion

MMC centre for research has the following policy and objectives:

  • To organise worksop, conferences and seminars to provide conducive climate for research and development.
  • To provide information and news bulletins on research projects and research funding of national and international agencies.
  • To sensitise Departments and faculty on potential research and development spheres areas.
  • To establish an integrated and inter-departmental research environment to nurture research culture.
  • To facilitate collaborative research projects and activities with national and international institutions, industries and other professional bodies.
  • To encourage research at P.G., and M.Phil. levels through provisions of research awards and rewards.
  • To motivate faculty and students to publish and to present research papers / articles at various national and international conferences and seminars by providing appropriate financial grants.
  • To provide infrastructural facilities to Departments and faculty members in order to facilitate and promote research.
  • To identify and to tap financial and infrastructural resources in order to improve and strengthen research competencies.
  • To offer financial assistance (full / partial) to encourage the staff and research scholars to present research papers in conferences / seminars.
  • To encourage publication of books, monographs, research papers etc., by providing financial assistance and infrastructural research ambience.
  • To guide Departments in the publication of conference proceedings with ISSN.
  • To encourage IPRs and start-ups as an outcome of research and development endeavours.
  • To offer research facilities to students, specially the under privileged from other institutions of the state and country to hone research skills.