Principal's Message


Fr. Issac P. J. CMI

Dear Staff, Students, Parents, Alumni, and Benefactors,

It has been more than a decade that I am privileged to be in the office of the Principal and Secretary of this institution. I have mixed emotions when I reflect back on the moments of the gradual and steady evolution of this college, which initially started as J C College that became the present Mary Matha College of Arts & Science.

In 2009, when CMI Fathers took over the management, the campus was mostly empty of students and unaware of any bright future. Time flies so quickly and we happily relish the moments of joy and anxieties which come in the package of human experiences, regardless of our request or desire for it. When we took over the then JC College, we never could imagine what this institution would be in another five or ten years. Hence, it is with great trust and confidence in God that we move forward, believing in the Almighty with whom nothing is impossible.

An intellectual giant from Tamil Nadu and one of our former Presidents Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said: “Dreams is not what you see in sleep; it is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep.” We have dreams of a Higher Education Institution in this rural area imparting value-based and holistic education to youngsters.  Knowledge, skills, values, and right attitudes are the strong pillars of education.  While academic excellence is our major thrust, this College is also devoted to preparing the students for life, grooming them to face the challenges of tomorrow, and encouraging them to be socially relevant. This is achieved by a healthy combination of curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.

Our college has been accomplishing a lot surely because of the committed and dedicated service of our teachers. I can see the confidence of the parents from the neighboring villages which has also been explicitly evident in sending their children more and more to MMC. This positive strength is again reflected in the student strength from below two hundred to above two thousand in twelve years. The development of the College is achieved by the teamwork of the Management, faculty, parents, and students.

Real education enhances the dignity of human beings. Keeping aside our differences, when we all come together as an MMC Family, that way we see real India is grooming within our campus. There may be deep differences between individuals; however, now we wonder whether such differences are really deep. I dream of a college where our boys and girls mutually respect each other; I dream of a campus where our religious, racial, tribal, and caste differences are accepted and respectfully honored; I dream of an MMC where we conglomerate as a family and celebrate our God-given life with utmost joy, reverence, and dignity.

As we launch our new website:, let us try to explore the maximum of its provisions and possibilities. With this up-gradation of the Website and of the Management systems of the College, no doubt, we are entering into another level of education both in quality and also in its extensiveness. I wish all of you an enjoyable life on campus and also a fruitful exploration of education.

Yours Sincerely,

Fr. Issac Puchamkulam, CMI

Principal and Secretary