Youth Red Cross

The Red Cross Society is a worldwide, well known, universally accepted, admired and internationally identified humanitarian service organisation. It is the biggest, independent non-religious, non-political, non-sectarian and voluntary relief organisation treating people equally all over the world without any discrimination as to their nationality race and religion beliefs. It was established in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Father of Red Cross movement and recipient of noble award for peace in 1901 was “Jean Henry Dunant”, who was a successful businessman.

Programme Officer: Dr. M. Prabhu, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, The Youth Red Cross (YRC) Unit of our college was established in the year 2004.

The College YRC unit focuses on the following areas:

  • Blood donation to the needy people.
  • Conducting various health awareness programmes (Dengue) and camps for the students, staff and to the nearby village communities.
  • Disseminate the seven fundamental principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement through activities that encourage the Red Cross ideals.
  • The YRC unit aims to have young people recognized by social leadership as equal partners who address the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the population.

Forth Coming Activities

  • To make awareness Green India (Issue one plant for each students)
  • Rally for Road safety awareness.
  • Create awareness for Disaster Management.
  • Plan to conduct the Organ Donations