Research – Vision and Strategy


Knowing more is to know that you know a lot less than what you are supposed to know. Hence, MMC has a vision of having a deep sense of “humility” and “hard work” in the pursuit of research.


MMC regards concentrating on scientific research as the engine of every educational institutions especially of colleges and universities. It therefore pays careful attention to the scientific research in its faculties and encourages all of its lecturers to carry out research. That way they all will learn to be creative, proactive and contributive in their specialist areas. MMC also pays careful attention to the quality of research and believes that researchers should plan their research according to recognised standards and appropriate scientific principles.

The researcher must try to meet current world-wide humanitarian needs. In other words, they should respond to the current issues of the world, so that they can explain and meet challenges, answer questions and suggest solutions for current issues; they can then contribute to the creation of a worth-while world for humanity.