Student Achievements

University Rank Holders

Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Suvathika G Part III I B.Sc. Biotech
2 Nithya S Part III III B.Sc. Biotech
3 Sandeep M Part III IV B.Sc. HMCS


Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Shymol Varghese Part III I B.Sc. Biotech
2 Aishwarya G Part III II B.Sc. Biotech
3 Sathya Part III III B.Sc. Biotech
4 Amal Part III I B.Sc. HMCS
5 Arun KK Part III II B.Sc. HMCS
6 Ponmuthu Part III V B.A. English
7 Ponmuthu Part I III B.A. English
8 Jositta Part I I B.A. English
9 Savithri Part I IV B.A. English
10 Arvindrajan Part I I B.Sc. Physics
11 Shymol Varghese Part II I B.Sc. Biotech


Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Manu James Part III I B.Com (CA)
2 Dimple VS Part III VI BBA


Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Tity George English I BCA
2 Riya Jose Part III 1 B.Sc. Biotechnology
3 Ajeesh P Baby Part III 1 B.Sc. HMCS
4 Krishnapriya VS Part III I B.A. English
5 Krishnapriya VS English V B.A. English
6 Krishnapriya VS Hindi II B.A. English
7 Alphy Abraham Malayalam I B.A. English
8 Tony Joseph Malayalam II B.A. English


Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Joseph Kuruvilla Part III I HMCS
2 Joju P.J. Part III II HMCS
3 Albin Thomas Hindi I BCA
4 Litty Maria Peter French II Biotechnology
5 Nidiya Cicily Joseph Malayalam I English
6 Nidiya Cicily Joseph English II English
7 Thomas Joseph Malayalam II English


Sr. No. Name Course Rank Department
1 Daniel T Part III IX BBA


Other Achievements

2012 – 2013

The Winners of Laurels:

  1. Fifteen students of CS, IT, and BCA Department went to Syed Hameedha Arts & Science College  for State Level Intercollegiate Meet and  got the runner up trophy on 19.02.2013. Ten Students of CS, IT, & BCA Department went to Jayaraj Annapackiam College for “IT Galaxy” and got prizes in ten events.
  2. Hotel Management students won the over all trophy in the state level hoteliers competition held at Bell Institute, Sivakasi on 31.02.2013.
  3. Mr.Mohamed Arif of II CS has won the first prize (Rs.10000) in the District Level Tamil Essay Competition organized by Govt of Tamilnadu on 26.01.2013 and he was selected for state level competition conducted on 23.02.2013. He got third prize in essay competiton conducted by consumer association at Theni on 27.01.2013. He also got “Bharathidasan award” for essay writing competition conducted by Tamilnadu Government  on 13.12.2012. Seven students (Richy, Moby, Tony Thomas, Jithin, Thomas, Noble Koshy) of III BCom have participated in the intercollegiate meet and won the first and second prizes conducted by Vivekananda College at 26.02.2013.
  4. Mr. N. Anitha of I year BCom (e-Com),  and Ms.Gomathi of I BA English students bagged 3rd prize in Dance competition on Manitha Neya Vila  on 31.01.2013.
  5. Mr.P.Karthika  II Maths, Mr.Muthupandi  I Maths and Divya Bharathy I Maths have won the first prize in quiz competition conducted in the Intercollegiate Meet Jacmat Fest -2013 Organized by Jayaraj Annapackiam College, Periyakulam at 15.02.2013.
  6. Paratha Sarathi R, Ramapandian T, Sakthivel S.S has won the Ist and Ind prizes in the intercollegiate meet conducted by the department of Mathematics.
  7. Ten students of CS, IT , BCA Department (G.Pradeep Chandra Kumar II CS , K.Balasubramanian II CS, Dharamaraj III CS, Muralitharan IIICS, Ligy Sebastian)has won by I, II, III prizes in intercollegiate meet conducted by Adi Chunchangiri College, Cumbum.
  8. Four students of III BSc Maths have participated in the intercollegiate meet and won the first and second prizes conducted by Nadar Saraswathi College at 23.01.2013.
  9. Balamurugan P, II Biotech student has won by 1st prize in As you like it  and also won II & III prizes in Quiz and Brain Teaser  respectively conducted by  Rev.Jacob Memorial Christian College.
  10. A.Theivam II Biotech, P.Balamurugan II Biotech has won by IIIrd and IInd prizes conducted by Sourastra College.
  11. Dimple of I BBA and Treesa Mary Paul of II BBA has presented paper and got 2nd prize in the management meet conducted by the Nadar Saraswathi College, Theni on 30.01.2013 and also presented paper and got 1st prize in the management meet conducted by the Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli.
  12. Praveen Lara L and Raghu pandi T of III BBA participated and presented paper on the topics “IMF” & “WHO” in the National Level Conference conducted by Commerce Department of Nadar Saraswathi College.
  13. M.Jegadeesh has presented a paper titled risks in foreign trade” in the National Level Conference conducted by Commerce Department of Nadar Saraswathi College.
  14. R.Rajapradeepa has presented a paper titled risks in foreign trade” in the National Level Conference conducted by Commerce Department of Nadar Saraswathi College
  15. Perarasu of III BBA, presented a paper on “Solar Energy Management” on 15.02.2013 held in Arulandhar College, Madurai.
2011 – 2012

The Winners of Laurels:

  1. Our student Mr. T. Daniel secured the Ninth position at Madurai Kamaraj University in the BBA examinations held in April-May 2011.
  2. Mr.P. Ramakrishnan, I B.A., English Literature won the first prize in the poem writing competition held by Theni Kalai Ilakkiya Maiyam on 11th December 2011.
  3. Mr.Jinto Joseph & Mr.Mithun Mathew got first prize for Group Discussions held by Parvathy’s College of Arts & Science, Dindigul. Mr.Ramprasath got his first prize for the event Turn Coat. Five students from our college team got second prize for the Ad act. Overall Championship shield for the event was bagged by our College.
  4. Mohamed Arif, a student of I CS won the second prize in the National Consumer Day Competitions held by Citizen Consumer Club, Theni.
  5. Mr.K. Gohila Kumar, a Student of III BA, has won third prize in the National Consumer Day Competition held by Citizen Consumer Club, Theni.
  6. Poetry and Verses by Jegadeeswari A, II BCom student, was selected as the best among 600 participants in the poetry competition organized by Theni Cultural & Literary club on Bharathiyar Day.
  7. Seven students of III years BA English participated in an intercollegiate competition on 10th February 2012 held by Jayaraj Annapackiam College. In the competition, Mr. Gokilakumar got first prize for verse writing, and Mr. Elavarasan got second prize for paper presentation. Mr. Jibin Vincent got second prize for painting, and our team also secured the second prize for Tableau.
  8. JohnPhilip, Maneesh Mathew, Abhilash M, Edwin Thomas, and Christobaby received First prize for the “Theme show” held by Horizon’12 at Subbulakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science on 11th February 2012.
  9. Br. Sony Jose of III Physics won first prize in the Paper presentation entitled “Solar energy and its applications”. Mr.A. Mahesh, Mr. G. Naveen Babu,  Mr. K. Arun Kumar of II Physics, and Charles Leo Jason of I Physics won second prize in the Ad act competition conducted by the Department of Physics, Jayaraj Annapakiyam college on 17th February 2012.
  10. Vikram College of Engineering and Teacher Training conducted a program named ‘Muthu Pattalam -2012’ on 23rd February and 6 students of our College participated and won 1st prize.
  11. Among 17 participating teams from all over Tamilnadu, our Hotel Management students Joseph Kuruvilla & J.Vinoth Vinnarasan reached Second Place in the State Level Intercollegiate culinary competition “Bon Chef” held at Bell Institute of Hotel Management, Sivakasi on 29.02.2012.
2010 – 2011

The Winners of Laurels:

    1. Mr.S. Sugumaran III year IT student bagged 3rd prize in the elocution competition on “Periyar” at Bodi which was conducted by Theni Collectorate. Mr. V. Karthick and Mr. Kanagaraj of III year Comp. Science won 3rd prize in the Quiz competition at the PVP intercollegiate meet.
    2. Mr. S.Sugumaran of III years B.Sc InformationTechnology bagged First prize in the Elocution Competition and Ms.M.Muthumari of III years B.Sc IT bagged II Prize in Essay Writing which was conducted by Thangamuthu Polytechnic.
    3. Mr.T.Muthuraj and R.P.S. Ramkumaran secured second prize in “Dump Funny “conducted by Nadar Saraswathi College.
    4. Eight students of the BBA department went to Bharath Niketan Engineering College held ZEST 11 and won second prize and third prizes in “ADZ UP”.
2009 – 2010

During the two semesters, the following students won awards and prizes in various inter-collegiate competitions through Literary & Cultural Association (LCA) efforts. The winners were:

    1. Ms. M. Muthumari, II – Year B.Sc. Computer Science, bagged District Level First prize and Cash Prize Rs. 1000 /- in “Me and My Nation” Essay Competition conducted by Theni District Tamil Development Department held at Madurai Kamaraj University College on August 21st, 2009. She also won 2nd Prize in English Composition and 3rd prize in Tamil Composition held by Police Department, Theni, on the subject “Relationship between Police & Students”.
    2. Mr. F. Stalin Joseph & Mr. S. Yesuprakasam, from III – Year B.Sc. IT, secured District Level Second prize in “Facial Painting” conducted by the Department of C.S. & I.T., Madurai Institute of Social Sciences on August 28, 2009.
    3. Ms. L. Munitha from I Year Maths bagged a second prize & cash award of Rs. 3000 /- in the district level recitation in Bharathidasan Poetry. Ms.S. Aarthy bagged a third prize & cash award of Rs. 1000 /-  for Memorising Competition of Bharathidasan Poems conducted by Murasoli Trust, Chennai on 11th September 2009.
    4. Six students of the Computer Science department secured the Third prize in the “Talent Show” Conducted by APA College, Palani on October 08, 2009.
    5. In the Inter-collegiate competition held at S.V.N. College Madurai, Mr.Jibin Vincent (IBA Eng) bagged III Prize in the “Singing Bird” Competition and our team of first years won III Prize in the “As You Like It” competition.
    6. In the Commerce Meet held in S.B.K.College, Aruppukottai, on Feb 24th, 2010, our first-year students again brought various prizes.
    7. At the Yadava College, Madurai, on February 25th, 2010, Mr.M. Rajesh and Mr.M. Kamatchi of our II BBA Class stood adjudged as III Prize winners in the Tamil Meet.
    8. Mr. Sanjeevi Kumar and M. Rajesh of II year BBA bagged 2nd prize in paper presentation on “Business innovations and its challenges” at Nadar Saraswathi Arts & Science College, Theni.
    9. Mr. Mohamed Dhaha of II CS has been selected as a student reporter of the Theni district by “Puthiya Thalaimurai”, a weekly magazine.
    10. Mr.T. Ram  Prasanth I BCom E-Commerce won the First Prize in a paper presentation on ‘Emerging Trends in marketing’ at Arulanandar College, Karimathur on 17th March 2010.
    11. Congratulations to the winners. The spirit of competition is now fully developed and the College hopes to get a host of laurels in the coming years. The dynamic coordinators of the LCA viz. Prof Soby Sebastian, Ms. Umarani, and Mr. Mohamed Nizam deserve a big round of applause.