Study Space

MMC has arranged the study space within the I-Centre with the following areas well taken care off:

Furniture Friendly

You want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep. We have arranged the study space with comfortable furniture arrangements. You want to be able rest your feet on the floor, and not have to hunch your shoulders over your laptop when working.

Pleasantly Lit

A study space that is not lit properly may make you feel sleepy and put strain on your eyes. MMC has taken good care in lighting the hall properly. Natural light is fine, but that might make your attention away. Positively our library is in the basement of the main block that way you will not be distracted from your studies.

Sufficiently Supplied

Make sure you have all the study materials you need in hand, and not anything more or less when you are in the study space. Keep traditional school supplies (pens, paper, and books) in a designated area on your desk.

Time Conscious

Time management is often one of the implicit skills of any student. There’s no need to be afraid of having a clock with you or around you. When used as a tool for motivation, a clock can provide a very simple way to help you stay focused and get the job done.

No Phone Zone

If you can’t bring yourself to turn it off, try putting it in airplane mode. Phones can be great source of distraction for a serious student. Please be disciplined in your use of gadgets in general.

No Sound Zone

You may be the kind of person who enjoys a little background noise when studying. However, the most important thing to do is make sure the noise is just from within and not anything from without. Noise from your neighbor or from any other sources should be avoided.

Controlled Senses

Part of the purposes of having a study space where you can be comfortable and concentrate on your work is not be drawn to any sensory distractions. Control you senses to travel purposelessly.

Solitary Study

Make sure that the study space you have created is only used for studying. This is quite important because the space physically represents your dedication and focus on achieving your degree.

MMC welcome all the students to make use of this space for intense studies, vast readings and extensive explorations.