“I believe that the science of chemistry alone almost proves the existence of an intelligent creator”      – Thomas Alva Edison

Chemistry – Meaning and Relevance

Chemistry is one of the fundamental and basic Science which deals with matter – constitutes of atoms, molecules – and their structure and its changes. In simple way, matter is something that has mass and occupies some space. If so, whatever comes and confront in our day to day life is part of chemistry and so we all are chemists in a sense. Starting from our body, everything we see, hear, touch and smell are inevitably related to Chemistry. Chemistry spreads over the entire universe from the very simple atom and sub atomic particles to very difficult and complicated and structured forms of complexes. From the very moment of the discovery of the metal makes a remarkable change to human era as Copper Age (5000BC) to the postmodern era of digital age which makes new cutting age technologies of nano-science, biotechnology and advanced medical sciences and industries.

Since Chemistry is an inevitable subject related to the human being and their growth from time to time it is most relevant and suitable to know and study more about this subject. It calls for us to ponder over all our day to day affairs and understand the real chemistry behind it.

Hope of Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that is related to all realms of human life and the Universe. So it provides innumerable opportunities to those who follow it. From the field of agriculture to the highly sophisticated industries are wide open to the chemistry students. Moreover, the knowledge of basic chemicals which we come across our daily life and their uses and the problems that arises due to the deficiency or excess and the common reactions etc. get from the study of chemistry will help each person to lead a better life in the modern society.  The great challenges that the global society faces includes food security, access to clean water to environmental pollution and human health, global warming etc. can be addressed and solved only through the help of chemical sciences.

The three year B.Sc. Degree course opens so many possibilities of getting job – traditional jobs like teaching to various small & large scale industries, more deep and wide variety of higher studies and research areas, own entrepreneurship programmes etc. As long as the world exists, there will be the need of chemistry experts.

Chemistry at MMC

By considering the importance and relevance of the subject Chemistry, Mary Matha College (MMC) has started the B.Sc. Degree course in Chemistry in the academic year of 2016-2017. MMC being an exuberant and successful educational institution with a motto of “Committed to Excellence” under the Madurai Kamaraj University has been rendering its service to the society of Southern part of Tamil Nadu from 2009 onwards.  The discipline, committed service of the staffs, modern facilities for acquiring better knowledge, large collection of books, extra care to the below average students to come up in studies, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, eco-friendly atmosphere etc. gave particular uniqueness to MMC. This helps MMC to intake 74 students to the first batch of Chemistry.  Though the Chemistry Labs were small at the beginning, the replacement of it to the new block (St. Joseph) provided a well-equipped lab with modern facilities and can use a minimum of 80 students at a time.  In order to provide more firsthand experience to the students Department of Chemistry included various exposure programmes, industrial visits, surveys, projects etc. into its academic programme. Moreover, the Department of Chemistry made a few collaborations with some of the nearby industries to get the human resource of their experienced staffs. Department gives much opportunities and help to observe various special occasions such as science day, environmental day etc. as  talent showing and awareness making day.  Along with all these the committed and academic oriented experienced faculties encourage, help the students to attain better knowledge and understanding in the subject of chemistry.

Course details:

Courses Offered Duration Eligibility
B.Sc. Chemistry 3 Years A pass in +2 with Science Group (OR) Chemistry as one of the Subject in the +2 stream


Student strength:

I Year II Year III Year O/G
35 105 65 68


Lab Assistant: