Department of Languages

MMC has an inclusive approach to different national, regional and local languages. We try to fulfil the aspirations of the students with respect to their linguistic skills. Since we have students from different parts of India, doing their studies here, we have a list of three basic languages for their choices for the completion of their courses. They are Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.


Tamil is given sufficient importance at MMC, since we are in Tamil Nadu and most of our students are also from Tamil Nadu. We have a team of three well qualified and experienced teachers who are well versed in Tamil language skills, engaging our students by their active lectures and through other Tamil clubs and organizations. We do have Tamil Debates, Speeches and other competitions from improving the Tamil proficiency of the students.

Faculty: Mr. Ananth, Ms. Semmalar, Mrs. Alphonse Mary and Dr. S. Padmini



There are numerous students those who like to take Hindi as their part two choice. Some of them are interested in it because of its status as National Language. However, there are others those who opt it due to their previous learning and backgrounds which presumably got it from their schools. At least there are a few who study Hindi because they are hailing from a state where it is their mother tongue. We have one teacher assigned for an intense training in Hindi language.

Faculty: Mr. Hemaraj and Ms. Richa




MMC has a second majority of students from the neibhouring state Kerala for whom Malayalam is the mother tongue. Hence we do have enough facility to cater the linguistic needs of those students as well. We have one lecturer who engages intensive Malayalam classes for the students. Generally we get an expert in this regard from the MKU (Madurai Kamaraj University) itself.

Faculty: Fr. Geo Kannamkulam, CMI