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At the outset, I invite all of you to this CoE – Controller of Examination portal of the MMC Website. For a higher learning centre like MMC, examination plays a pivotal role. Every year we conduct numerous examinations of varied types and degrees of importance. Being the Controller of Examinations I take it as a privileged responsibility to announce, organize and conduct our examinations seriously, efficiently and fruitfully. I do expect all of your wholehearted support and committed service in fulfilling my responsibilities promptly. I should acknowledge the very special role of MMC Exam Cell in assisting me in all areas of the examination process namely, to make timetables, to arrange exam halls, to schedule invigilators, to arrange special squads, to dispatch answer sheets, to address grievances/malpractices and to keep files/documentation for further verification.

Great scientist of our modern era, Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” It is important for any student to focus on the areas of education in order to be a success in their examinations. Exams are intended to sharpen the specialized focus and orientation of the students. A student who studies economics might be mostly blank when it comes to physics. As John Maxwell states, “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” I wish and pray that all of us reach our maximum potential and actualize it in and through the exams which appear in MMC.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Joshy P. CMI
Controller of Examination


MMC Examination Cell

The Office of the Controller of Examinations and the Examination Cell is working under a common umbrella to hold the examination activities of the college. As we begin this year’s exam process I request your wholehearted support and assistance in all matters related to examinations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Examination Cell

The Controller of Examinations office is an important part of any educational institution. The COE Office is responsible for the announcement of the academic schedule, preparation of question papers, the conduct of examinations, evaluation of answer scripts, declaration of results, and issuing of grade sheets. He does it in consultation with the Principal and with the help of the examination cell.

Primary Responsibilities:
The COE together with the Examination cell office is responsible for the following activities of affiliated colleges like MMC:

  1. Overall conduction of semester Examination of the college.
  2. The overall Examination process includes scheduling the examination dates, taking necessary action to set the question papers from the examiners, printing the question papers, conducting, valuation, disclosure of answer books, and announcement of results.
  3. To provide the proper notification to the departments related to the examination process and conduct the examination from time to time.
  4. Getting Assessment Test marks (AT) from the departments from time to time.
  5. Appoint examiners for the setting of question papers and evaluation for theory and practical courses.

Here we distribute such responsibilities to the different departments.

  1. Conducting End Semester Examinations and arranging for the evaluation process.
  2. Compile grades, and declare results after approval by Result Passing Board (RPB).
  3. Facilitating paper seeing and revaluation process.
  4. Addressing grievances of administration, faculty, staff, and students on examination-related issues.
  5. Planning and execution of all development activities of the office.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain order and cleanliness of the examination Cell facility.
  2. Under the leadership of the Coordinator of the exam cell all should work together as a team and make sure of the following preparedness for the forthcoming exams:
    • Get in advance the timetable of the exams from the MMC office (Gowtham)
    • In tune with the timetable, all the exam cell members should work together to prepare in advance to collect question papers and arrange them safely and orderly in the exam cell.
    • Make sure that our office staff (Ganesh, Saundarya, and Kannan) assign the classrooms for the examination in discussion with us.
    • Assign members of the staff for invigilation.
    • Form squad for inspection. The controller of examination can be part of it or inform it for confirmation.
    • Any member of the cell can meet with the controller of examinations for any matters of concern.
  3. Maintain documentation properly which is mainly related to absentees, grievances, and other foul practices during the examination.
  4. Under the leadership of the Coordinator, all the members of the cell work together as a team to conduct the examinations without any failures. It is the premier work we do for the students.
  5. Any malpractice by the examination cell members will be dealt with serious penalties.
  6. Be unprejudiced, unbiased, and neutral to all departments and students.
  7. Treat teachers and students who come to the exam cell with respect and kindness.
  8. Any matters of serious concern which seem beyond your ability and position to deal with, immediately contact the Controller of examinations.

Policy Documents:

  1. MMC Policy and Procedure of Disciplinary Actions for Exam Mal-Practices and Grievances 
  2. General Rules and Regulations for Examinations 


Fr. Dr. Joshy P CMI

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