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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” (William Shakespeare’s, Twelfth Night, Act 2, Scene 5)

What is English Literature?

In general English Literature refers to the study of texts from around the world, written in the English language. By studying for a degree in English Literature, you will learn how to analyze a multitude of texts and write clearly using several different styles. Generally, literature refers to different types of text including novels, non-fiction, poetry, and plays, among other forms. However, literature is a contested term, as new mediums for communication provide different types of contemporary literature. Literature is generally defined as writing with artistic merit. However, other types of text such as screenplays, nonfiction, song lyrics, and online communication through blogs and other means, could now be considered literature under the contemporary understanding of the term. The English Literature programs in most major institutions will largely study traditional literary texts. An English Literature major will likely examine texts including poetry, drama, and prose fiction, perhaps briefly covering more contested forms of literature in their chosen path. Being in an Indian College like that MMC, a student will definitely come across and analyze texts and writings from literary figures of Indian origin.

Why Study English Literature?

Studying English Literature anywhere in the world will give you a better understanding of the world around you. A Literature degree provides transferable skills that teach you to deconstruct and analyze in order to provide a critical viewpoint in all areas. There are several different paths for careers in literature as a graduate. You can also take graduate courses and become a teacher, lecturer, or journalist, with common crossovers for graduating English students including business, law, and education. Or you can use your analytical skills to move into unexpected careers such as marketing, advertising, or pretty much anything you are willing to do. There are also obvious positions available in the publishing industry, from editor to proofreader, to literary agent. Many creative writers, including novelists, poets, and screenwriters, among others, start their careers by gaining an in-depth understanding of written English before developing their individual abilities for expression through writing. If you want to gain a strong hold on the English language, develop your critical analysis of the world around you, and study for a degree that will provide you with numerous different career opportunities, English Literature could be the right pursuit for you.

UG, PG, and M.Phil Programmes in English at MMC

A degree in English language and literature is designed to get you reading books, analyzing theories, critiquing prose and verse, and taking a more critical look at the signs and words surrounding us every day. The aim is to get students thinking creatively and analytically about the English language. A course with a focus on English literature typically allows students to study literary texts from throughout history. History of English may be a starting point and that route might finally take you to the commonwealth resources of literature and thus to the Indian Writers in English. Your reading will require you to study and analyze passages, relating texts to their cultural, social, historical, and political contexts.

An English language-focused degree will train students to analyze the workings of the English language outside of literature, including language-based communication in all kinds of forms and contexts. The UG, PG, and M.Phil programs in English Literature are taught by a highly efficient and enthusiastic group of faculty members from different parts of the country. Students will love the flexibility of the course and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and really enjoy their time at Mary Matha College. We adopt a hands-on approach to learning which develops employability skills through problem-solving exercises, project work, and skills workshops. We can ensure that the graduates from this department will go on to take up careers in publishing, journalism, personnel, management, administration, and education (among many others).

Common uses of an English Literature degree include becoming a writer, researcher, or teacher. However, there are many other ways to utilize an English Literature degree. Some students use it as a stepping stone to a degree in Law, or in this day and age, some will use it to begin a path in the digital marketing world. Whichever route you end up, this degree can open doors to many fulfilling career options.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkein’s, The Lord of the Rings

Common skills gained from an English degree include:

  1. Ability to critique and analyze a broad range of materials
  2. Ability to communicate ideas and theories
  3. Awareness of different theoretical schools and approaches to literary criticism
  4. Leading and participating in discussions
  5. Ability to work within a team to develop and present ideas
  6. Excellent written communication skills
  7. Correct use of academic citations and referencing
  8. Ability to develop an independent understanding of texts, concepts, and theories
  9. Academic research skills
  10. Ability to work independently
  11. Time management and organization skills
  12. Creative skills
  13. Essay planning and writing skills
  14. Basic IT skills
  15. Knowledge of how language and literature have evolved and trends that have emerged through time


Sr. No. Course Duration Eligibility Syllabus
1 B.A. English 3 Years 12th with a minimum of 55% marks. download
2 M.A. English 2 Years Any Degree with English in Part I or Part II or Part III (OR) Equivalent download



Fr. Dr. Joshy Paramthottu CMI

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Mr. PC Dorai Rama Chidambaram

HoD i/c, M.A. M.Phil, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Ms. B. Annapoorni

M.A. SLET Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Ms. M. Karthiga

M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mr. S. David Boon

M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Ms. J Gnana Joshna

M.A. Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mr. Joe Muhil

M.A. M.Phil Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mrs. B. Sujitha

M.A. B.Ed. Asst. ProfessorView Profile


M.A. M.Phil., B.Ed., ELS, CLP, CGT, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Ms. Pauline Anushya J

M.A. M.Phil., B.Ed., Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mr. Madhuranthagan N

M.A., Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mr. Laviel Abhraham G

M.A, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mr. A. J. Ansfert Jackson

M.A, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Dr.Selvam Vasimalai

Ph.D, Asst. ProfessorView Profile

Mrs. M. Preethi Devi

M.A., M.Phil., Asst. ProfessorView Profile


College Visit

Students of English Department visited American college to watch Doctor Faustus (Play) on 21st Feb, 2020.

Special Lecture

A Special Lecture on "The Millstones and Milestones in the History of English Literature" - Mr. David Boon

Special Lecture

A Special Lecture on "The Millstones and Milestones in the History of English Literature" - Dr. R. Mohanasundaram

Special Lecture

A Special Lecture on "The Millstones and Milestones in the History of English Literature" -Dr. M. Elangovan, Associate Professor in English, Thiagarajar College (Autonomous), Madurai

Special Lecture

A Special Lecture on "The Millstones and Milestones in the History of English Literature" - Invitation Letter


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" 2018 - Invitation


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" - Invitation


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" - Memorable Moments


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" - Memorable Moments


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" - Honoring the Resource Person


One Day National Workshop on "Moderan Drama" - Resource Person

Summar Camp

Summar Camp 2016

Summar Camp

Summar Camp 2016

Drama Workshop - 2015

Drama Workshop 2015 - Invitation Letter

Drama Workshop - 2015

Prof. L.M. Joseph Paul Bezaleel with Dr. Mohanasundram (HOD) & Fr. Issac PJ CMI (Principal)

Drama Workshop - 2015

Welcome Address by Prof. S. John Wesly Regan

Drama Workshop - 2015

Prof. L.M. Joseph Paul Bezaleel.