Office Supplies and Books Corner


This stationary store space is envisioned for the benefit of the students. It can also be very practical and handy for those of you who are at MMC and need some essential office or stationary items such as pens, pencils, paper, printers etc. but just happened to have them with you now. Besides providing such items, this corner is also committed to provide text books for all study related and academic related topics and themes. The MMC management has made this provision with the following dream in mind:

  • To make available the essential office or stationary items for the students
  • To provide essentials for studies in an affordable price so that it is economically viable for the students.
  • To make sure that all the students buy the text books they need for their studies and focus their studies on the source book.
  • Office Supplies and Books Corner is an expression of the way MMC is willing to cater every need of the students.


Future Plan and Prospect:

It is also in the future plan and vision of the MMC management to take back the old and used books of the outgoing students and given it back to the incoming students for an affordable price. In this case we will re-take only those books that are in good conditions and neatly kept which could be re-used by anybody for their textual studies.

The management hope cultivates a culture of careful and disciplined used of study materials in such a way that we all respectfully and politely handle our books and other study materials. If such a “Recycling” project is eventually actualized a lot of our students can gain some money out of their used books and another number of new students, especially those who are financially backward, can possible acquire a text for the effectiveness of their studies.