Department of Biotechnology

What is Biotechnology?

The concept of Biotechnology is employed in a lot of traditional and modern practices (Eg. Brewing and Baking bread).  Living organisms are usually utilized for this process in their natural form or further developed by breeding, while the more advanced form of biotechnology will commercially involve a more advanced alteration of the biological system or organism.   The development of genetic engineering in the 1970s extends the frontier of Research in Biotechnology. The field developed rapidly because of the new possibility to make changes in the organism’s genetic material (DNA). Today, Biotechnology covers many different disciplines including Genetics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology. New technologies and products are developed every year within the areas of medicine (Development of new medicines and therapies), Agriculture (Development of genetically modified plants, Biofuels), Industrial Biotechnology (Production of chemicals, paper, textiles, and Food), and Environmental Biotechnology (Biodegradation).

The vision of the Department

Our vision is to produce competent Biotechnologists who can employ premium processes and applications which will profoundly influence the existing paradigm of Agriculture, Industry, Healthcare, and restoration of the environment providing a sustainable competitive edge to present society.


Sr. No. Field Opportunities
1 Medical Biotechnology

Clinical Laboratory Technician, Pharmaceutical Research Technician R&D

2 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Medical Scientist, Chemical Engineer, Biological Technician
3 Plant Biotechnology Greenhouse or Field Technician, Laboratory Assistant, Genomics Technician, Molecular Biology Technician, Plant Tissue Culture Technician, Research Associate, Lecturer, Trainer, Research Investigator, Project Assistant
4 Food Biotechnology Quality Manager, Food Technologist, Regular Affairs Officer, Product Development Scientist
5 Environmental Biotechnology Environmental Science and Protection Technician, Environmental Scientist, Sustainability Specialist,  Environmental Engineer
6 Bioinformatics Bio Analyst, Data Scientist, Informatics Developer, Bioinformatic Researcher, Pharmacogenetic Engineer



Sr. No. Course Duration Eligibility Syllabus
1 B.Sc. Biotechnology 3 Years

12th with science with Physics/Chemistry/Biology

as one of the subjects, with minimum 55% marks.




Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
2021 – 2022 20 36




Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan

M.Sc. M. Phil, Ph.D., HOD & Assistant Professor View Profile

Ms. Vijayalakshmi K.S

M.Sc. M. Tech., Assistant Professor View Profile

Dr. Himalini S

M.Sc.. Ph.D., Assistant Professor View Profile